[midvalleybirds] Re: Portland Audubon's weekly Rare Bird Alert

Paul Sullivan paultsullivan at onlinenw.com
Thu Mar 26 12:07:25 PDT 2020

Many kudos to Harry Nehls for his many years of service.  In addition to the
weekly audio tape available at Audubon, Harry provided those who wrote
quarterly Field Notes for Oregon Birds with a tabulation of all the reports
he'd received.

Good luck to Brodie Cass Talbott who is stepping into big shoes.

Paul Sullivan 


Subject: Portland Audubon's weekly Rare Bird Alert
Date: Thu Mar 26 2020 13:47 pm
From: sjaggers280 AT gmail.com
I have just learned that Harry Nehls who was the voice of our local and
statewide RBA for 55 years retired from that position last September. I
missed the mention in the Warbler but want to recognize his huge
contribution to information sharing long before the web and associated leaps
and bounds in information sharing.

For you newer folks it may be hard to imagine how limited our access to
information was 30 or more years ago. 

Harrry recorded a list of rare and/or unusual sightings in the state on a
weekly basis that was accessed by dialing a number at Audubon and listening
to his discourse. It was Harry that most of us shared our sightings with and
he got them out-only once a week mind you. His summaries were printed in the
Audubon Warbler monthly and he reported similarly in the monthly Birder's
night meetings at PDX Audubon. 

One other way we shared sighting information was a phone tree where one
called the people around you on an established grid. Owen was the father of

I am sure lots of other birders of a certain age will comment, we all have
memories of Harry's recordings and comments.

I will also appreciate that Brodie Cass Elliot is taking on the Audubon RBA
duties and understand he is working out a method for us to get to his

Best and health to us all.

Steve Jaggers

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