[midvalleybirds] Northern Pygmy-Owl and Mourning Dove "singing" on Tampico Ridge

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Sun Mar 22 10:54:25 PDT 2020

While spading up our garden area just now, I heard a Northern Pygmy-Owl tooting from the 80+ year-old Douglas firs along the crest of Tampico Ridge, and a Mourning Dove cooing from big-leaf maples a little lower down the slope. 

Yesterday morning while I was working out there, a Turkey Vulture came flapping off its roost in around mid-height of the tall firs, soared higher for a few minutes, then settled in to a tree-top perch to bask in the morning sun. 

To sum up these past two days using the 4-letter bird-banding codes for these species: NOPO tooting, MODO cooing, TUVU sunning. 

Happy backyard birding! 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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