[midvalleybirds] Chickadees recognizing an individual human (me)

drake stacy bird041167 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 17:43:59 PDT 2020

 We've had Violet Green swallows the past 3 days! When we first saw them, we put up our 2 swallow boxes while they were circling around the empty mounting posts where we had previously mounted the boxes on their posts,  they continued peeping and cheeping and circling around me while I put the boxes up on their posts and shortly afterward the swallows landed on the boxes then soon put their heads in, then soon just dove right into the boxes peeping and cheeping in the boxes delighted with being in their boxes. We're pretty sure these were the same birds that have raised broods here before for years since they always circle pretty close to me while I put the boxes onto the poles when we first see them arrive each year. Fun times!!!


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