[midvalleybirds] Osprey & Orange-crowned Warbler arrivals; spring singers/drummers at Luckiamute SNA

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Fri Mar 20 11:27:18 PDT 2020

Early this morning an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was singing from the willow thicket now blooming on our next-door neighbors' property. JUNCOS were also in full song (as they have been for a week or more here), making for a nice audio comparison of these two "trillers" which can sound very similar. 

Later on when I went over to Luckiamute State Natural Area to work a bit on the 3-acre native prairie restoration area, I saw an OSPREY on the nest out in the neighboring farm field. 

The male AMERICAN KESTREL was perched silently next to the big cottonwood along the Luckiamute River, just southwest of the parking area, where he attempted to copulate with a female several times about a week ago. I haven't seen the female around on two visits since then, but the male has been staying close to that tree, and is uncommonly quiet. That cottonwood has a large dead section of trunk with several cavities that look to be of suitable size for kestrels to nest in. 

Singing birds at Luckiamute SNA this morning included many BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS. A RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER was drumming back in the big-leaf maples near the old parking area. (which reminds me, yesterday a pair were together on an old utility pole in our back yard where a pair nested successfully last year). 

CAMAS is coming up vigorously in the prairie restoration -- not yet blooming but I could see flower buds just beginning to come up amid the leaves on a couple of plants. Becky and our daughter Martha reported that camas was blooming along the trail to the angling pond at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area, when they went over there for a walk on Wednesday afternoon (18 Mar). 

Spring is really here! 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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