[midvalleybirds] Mid-valley swans

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 18 21:07:05 PDT 2020

Yesterday (17th) we found over 1000 swans in the field surrounded by American Dr., Peoria rd., and Nicewood Dr. Those nearest American Dr. were all tundra but they spread across the verdant with the random scatter of blown snow and who knows if there were TRSW embed? Today I relocated the family of five trumpeter swans on Cabell on Finley. They have been joined by a family of one adult with two hatchling year. At one point the two families headed toward one another from opposite sides of the glassy water. I thought they were drawn together by strong natural forces and that some big display was coming but when they joined there was no discernable acknowledgement from any of them - they just sailed with great serenity past each other and traded places in the marsh.


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