[midvalleybirds] Home Depot bluebird boxes

Carma Sue Henry cshenry at bywordofmind.com
Tue Mar 17 17:07:36 PDT 2020

BUYER BEWARE - Just had a box of 4 of these (below) bluebird boxes sent to our house from Albany Home Depot. Although the description says they come with the mesh screen to raise the nestlings off the bottom of the nest, THEY DO NOT! Customer service checked and none of their remaining stock of this brand had them either - error in online listing OR in mfgr packing. Home Depot does not stock the risers separately, although I was able to source them elsewhere. The lady I spoke with graciously refunded my money without asking that I return them. Our tool set up is still in too much disarray to do any DIY projects but we ought to get the mesh risers in a couple of days and be ready if any more WBBs show up.WILD WINGS Cedar Bluebird Box House$17.98

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