[midvalleybirds] Logsdon Ridge

Carma Sue Henry cshenry at bywordofmind.com
Fri Mar 13 17:44:51 PDT 2020

Tuesday, 3/10, a very brightly colored male FOY Western Bluebird came in to the suet.  He's been here each day since.  Steve thought he saw a female from a distance but wasn't 100%.  Two pairs nested somewhere nearby two years ago, with summer family groups of over a dozen at the bird baths at times. But last year one lone male stayed around most of the summer without attracting any companions. This year we're going to put some WBB houses up on a fence that runs between two little pastures to try to improve things.  Several Amer. goldfinches came in on Wednesday. Rufous hb's are busily interacting with the resident Anna's.  I think the Bushtits must be getting ready to nest as they are only coming in pairs now.  Yesterday, as a measure of fire caution,  we took down about 2/3 of the dead Douglas firs. They're now much more widely spaced and will be easier to mow through.  The largest had 37 rings at about 3 ft up.  The whole little grove died in a summer drought a few years ago, as did a lot of young Doug firs in our area. These trees made great perches and habitat and I'm hoping the few remainders still will. Carma Henry

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