[midvalleybirds] Sunday: Naturalist Adventure at Peavy

Don Boucher donaboucher at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 20:58:20 PDT 2020

 March 15: Peavy Arboretum Section 36 Trail
Meet at the parking area for the Intensive Management trail. This will be a
faster-paced, longer walk (~5 miles) with 800 ft. elevation gain.
9am - about 3 hours

Currently, there is a slight chance of snow or rain followed by subfreezing
temps Saturday night.  *If there's snow or icy roads on the valley floor
Sunday morning, the field trip will be cancelled without further notice. *
Otherwise, please come prepared for cold conditions.

We’ll enjoy the first forest wildflowers of the season, like Indian-Plum,
trilliums, Yellow Stream Violets and more. If the weather's nice, resident
birds will be singing and the first few migrants may be present, like
Rufous Hummingbird. Section 36 Trail is a bit of a climb, but worth it. It
winds down a ravine with tall, old trees and a layered understory. Please
bring binoculars.

Don Boucher & Lisa Millbank

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