[midvalleybirds] Photos of Bushtits foraging and nest-building

Nancy Stotz nstotznew at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 14:57:14 PDT 2020

Had a fun encounter with Bushtits earlier today. Found a small flock
foraging in blooming willows, sporting the Verdin-like faces that Alan
Contreras mentioned in a OBOL post recently. Then I found a nest under
construction, in the same tree (different branch) where there was a nest
last year. The lichen-covered nest is so well camouflaged in the
lichen-covered tree, it is tough to pick out, but I managed photos of both
the male and female (with yellow faces!) arriving with nest material, and
doctored another photo to include pointers to try and indicate the nest
location. Then I found a second nest under construction, which happens to
be hanging on a more isolated branch so it is easier to see the shape of it
(though it was pretty backlit at mid-day). Photos included in eBird
checklist here
Nancy Stotz

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