[midvalleybirds] RE: Trumpeter Swans maybe gone, kinglets singing

Thomas Gilg tom at barbless.com
Mon Mar 9 20:27:32 PDT 2020

The flock of ~150 Swans along Linn West Drive (Linn County) for weeks took off yesterday.

On Shedd Cemetery Drive, a large group of mostly pink-legged gulls gave way circa Feb 20 to a large group of mostly yellow-legged gulls that only hung around for about a week. While passing by today, about 50 gulls were present, and I saw several large flocks swirling high. Gulls seem to be moving.

Based on multiple commutes by in the past week, the Davis Road Burrowing Owl has probably moved on. But in the nearby slough were Greater Yellowlegs, which I'm seeing elsewhere around Brownsville.


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Yesterday afternoon the field at Suver Junction was devoid of swans -- no Trumpeters, no Tundras. So perhaps the Trumpeter flock that was there during February has migrated out -- though I didn't check Sourslaw Slough near Airlie where Trumpeters were seen during Jan-Feb, nor the Maple Grove area where larger number of Tundras have been seen regularly. 

On a walk at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area today, I heard several Ruby-crowned Kinglets singing, as well as Bewick's Wrens and Spotted Towhees. 

At our house near the wildlife area yesterday, two Sooty Fox Sparrows were scratching around where I cleared a patch of blackberries last month. One of the sparrows was singing softly as it scratched in the dirt -- just a soft jumble of notes, not nearly as loud as I'd expect for a territorial bird. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 
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