[midvalleybirds] Trumpeter Swans maybe gone, kinglets singing

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Mon Mar 9 16:16:29 PDT 2020

Yesterday afternoon the field at Suver Junction was devoid of swans -- no Trumpeters, no Tundras. So perhaps the Trumpeter flock that was there during February has migrated out -- though I didn't check Sourslaw Slough near Airlie where Trumpeters were seen during Jan-Feb, nor the Maple Grove area where larger number of Tundras have been seen regularly. 

On a walk at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area today, I heard several Ruby-crowned Kinglets singing, as well as Bewick's Wrens and Spotted Towhees. 

At our house near the wildlife area yesterday, two Sooty Fox Sparrows were scratching around where I cleared a patch of blackberries last month. One of the sparrows was singing softly as it scratched in the dirt -- just a soft jumble of notes, not nearly as loud as I'd expect for a territorial bird. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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