[midvalleybirds] Road-killed Turkey Vulture north of Monmouth

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Sun Mar 8 09:13:08 PDT 2020

That is sad. Not sure TVs are dull-witted so much as heavy. Not easy to flit out of the way at the last minute! 
Saving scavengers is the main reason I will move a carcass out of the roadway, if it is even remotely safe. 

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A sad kind of "first-of-year" (FOY) report here: Yesterday morning (7 Mar) I noticed the carcass of a Turkey Vulture along Hoffman Road just north of Monmouth. 

Quite a few Brewer's Blackbirds also seem to be splitting off from winter flocks and turn up in roadside areas where they breed, putting them at some risk of becoming road-kills too -- though it's remarkable how savvy many of them seem to be about motor-vehicle traffic. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 
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