[midvalleybirds] the 2019 Oregon Listing Results are published on the OBA website

Paul Sullivan paultsullivan at onlinenw.com
Sat Mar 7 10:28:28 PST 2020

At the end of each year I put out a call, then another and another.  I punch
keys, flag discrepancies, answer questions, send proofs, correct errors,
format the data, double-check twice and finally send it off.


Some birders are computerized and respond on Jan 1, some reply on Feb 29th.
Some people have one list, others have many.  Some do photography, others
ride bikes, others watch their yards.  Eager young birders dash to see birds
all over, oldsters walk with a cane and hearing aids.  The digitally
inclined do things the rest of us can't comprehend.  Oldsters thumb through
well-worn notebooks.


We all create and treasure memories.  Memories of birds and memories of
friends who have shared the trail with us.


The Oregon Listing Results for 2019 are now up on the OBA website
https://oregonbirding.org/listing   Enjoy!

Thanks, Ken and Diana.


2019 Oregon Listing Results - Summary

Paul T. Sullivan, McMinnville, OR


            Thank you to the 145 birders who submitted numbers to Oregon
Listing Results this year.  We welcome the 21 new participants who joined us
for the first time.  To give context to this year's numbers, I have carried
forward numbers from 174 other birders, plus 28 deceased birding friends.
In total, these Oregon Listing Results include the efforts of 347 birders
spanning the last 22 years.


Notable statewide achievements:

Judy Meredith, Aaron Beerman, and Ken Chamberlain passed the mark of 400
species in Oregon.  Seventy-six birders have now reached that mark. 

Nolan Clements and Caleb Centanni posted the top two state year lists for
2019, earning them spots in the top ten year lists of all time. Sixty-eight
birders submitted state year lists for 2019. 

            Participation in the Birds Photographed in Oregon category
increased to 79 people.  Tom Crabtree still tops that category.

            Tait Anderson tops the Motorless Life Lists with 305 and Andy
Frank tops the 2019 Motorless Year Lists with 217. These categories saw 27
and 11 participants, respectively.

            The Western Oregon and Eastern Oregon Life list categories grew
to 26 and 27 participants, respectively.  Paul Sullivan tops the Western
Oregon list at 412 and Tom Crabtree the Eastern Oregon list at 387.


Notable County Listing achievements:

            Two more birders reached the goal of 100 species in each of
Oregon's 36 counties: Noah Strycker and Paul Adamus.  Twenty-eight people
have now reached that goal.  

            Gloria Beerman became the fifth birder to record 125 species in
each of Oregon's 36 counties.

          New County Life List Records:

Benton                         294      Hendrik Herlyn

Columbia                     249      Don Coggswell

Coos                            360      Tim Rodenkirk

Deschutes                    335      Tom Crabtree

Harney                         313      Rick Vetter

Josephine                     256      Dennis Vroman

Lake                            290      Craig Miller

Lincoln                                    390      Darrel Faxon

Linn                             272      Mark Nikas

Marion                         279      Roy Gerig

Multnomah (tie)           302      Bob Stites

Multnomah (tie)           302      John Fitchen

Polk                             296      Bill Tice

Tillamook                    306      Wink Gross

Umatilla                       297      Aaron Skirvin

Union                          295      Trent Bray


New County Year List Record:

Columbia         215      Tom Myers

Lincoln                        249      Phil Pickering  (breaking his own
record from 1986!)  .

Multnomah      228      Nick Mrvelj 

Ninety birders reported county year lists in 2019.  However, no birder
submitted a year list for Gilliam or Wheeler Counties.  


Notable Local Listing:

The new 5MR Count Circle idea, which challenges birder to focus on a five
mile radius around their home drew enthusiastic participation from 38
birders who reported Life Lists and 37 who reported 2019 Year Lists.


Participation in the 15 mile diameter Circle Count drew 31 birders to report
their Life List and 11 birders to report a 2019 Year List.


The Favorite Refuge category drew 40 birders and the Favorite Spot category
expanded to 42 birders.          


Yard Life List: 92 yard lists are listed, representing a variety of sizes,
habitats, and duration of observation.  Everyone's yard list is a noteworthy
just for the fact that it gets us paying attention, no matter the number of

Congratulations to everyone who participated!

We hope to hear from even more of our friends next year.


Thank you to Ken Chamberlain for helping post the call for listing results.
Thank you to Diana Byrne for help setting up the website and getting the
results published.


Good birding, everyone,

Paul T. Sullivan


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