[midvalleybirds] Rufous Hummingbird

Carma Sue Henry cshenry at bywordofmind.com
Tue Mar 3 17:03:30 PST 2020

4PM 3-3-20, on south slope of Logsdon Ridge east of 99W Lewisburg intersection. Just saw my first RufousHB of the year also.  Add to the others.  Are they early?  Red-winged Blackbird mature male did some major wing spread displays to keep two first year males out of a bowl of seed.  He kept his red feathers puffed up for several minutes afterward as the young fellows stayed nearby. When he was full the two youngsters  shared the bowl with a female with no squabbling.  About 3-4 Flickers are working the lawns and an overgrown gravel driveway.  It's all in full sun so I'd bet there are lots of ants and other bugs available.  I'm sure the ants will soon come visiting in the house.Carma Henry

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