[midvalleybirds] Dark-breasted hawk

Olin Allen olinallen at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 1 19:15:52 PST 2020

Frank, I'd like to take a look at the photo if it's okay.  You can send it
to me directly at the address below.  I can't ever get enough of trying to
ID mystery raptors.

Olin Allen
Shangri-Llama Farm
Monmouth, Oregon
olinallen at earthlink.net

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In the trees on the west side of the marsh north of the "narrows" of Baskett
Slough (near where the Eagles like to hang-out), I saw a fairly large hawk
that I initially took to be a Red-tail, by size, dark head and blocky shape.
But it had an almost solidly rusty breast and no bands on the pale grayish
tail seen from the underside as it faced me. It seems too big for a Cooper's
and the tail's not so long. I have only a distant photo.

in Monmouth

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