[midvalleybirds] several FOY birds, Benton County

alderspr at peak.org alderspr at peak.org
Sun Mar 1 08:14:38 PST 2020

Hi All- 

We've had an exciting few days out at our place in the eastern foothills of the Coast Range. Friday we had 4 TURKEY VULTURES circling low overhead, our first of the year, enjoyed very much by our vigilant dog as well. Saturday morning a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS was on our pond, and hopefully will nest again in their box. Friday and Saturday evenings we saw 6 VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS over the meadow and Saturday the first male RUFUS HUMMER arrived! We have had one or two BAND-TAILED PIGEONS daily for the past couple of weeks, and flocks of 20-30 AMERICAN ROBINS most days lately. Very fun! 

Karan Fairchild 
6 mi SW Philomath 

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