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HI Joel, having trouble sending a message to midvalleybirds, could you forward this for me, thanks :) 

I would add to that that in that same field Nancy is talking about, I counted a conservative 1500 swans and right at 100 White-fronted Geese on Monday, it was quite a show! I scoped a lot of birds for neck collars and found none. I stopped by there on my way home from doing one of my raptor counts that covered the area east of I-5 between Hwy 34 and Brownsville and came up with 42 RTHAs, 61 AMKEs, 2 NOHAs, 121 BAEAs, 2 RLHAs, 1 MERL, and 2 COHAs on the 62 mile long route, had a good day :) 

Jeff Fleischer 

> On Jan 22, 2020, at 7:44 PM, Nancy Stotz <nstotznew at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Though I have yet to notice swans in their normal fields near the west end 
> of American Drive this winter, last Saturday, there were hundreds of swans 
> in the field just east of 99E, north of Lake Creek Drive, southeast of 
> Halsey. 
> Nancy Stotz, Corvallis 
> On Wed, Jan 22, 2020, 6:48 PM Delores Porch <verandafay at gmail.com> wrote: 
>> I have been following the Bald Eagles in Tangent and the Tundra Swans in 
>> Halsey for 3 years. The past couple of years there have been eagles in the 
>> 80's at the roost. Fewer eagles due to less food because of changing crops 
>> in the area? 
>> I see quite a few eagles along I-5 between Halsey and Hwy 34. They're 
>> sitting in the fields or in trees close to sheep. 
>> In past years the swans have shared the fields near Peoria Rd with the 
>> sheep. If small ponds formed they were bathing in them. Where are they 
>> staying now and why? 
>> Delores Porch 
>> SE Albany 
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