[midvalleybirds] Fwd: Halsey Gulls, continuing loon, and Tufted Duck back in Philomath

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Wed Jan 22 07:42:26 PST 2020

A couple of notes from the state-wide birding list (OBOL) and eBird:

Pam Otley notes that a male Tufted Duck in adult plumage is once again being seen on the Philomath sewage ponds, where a male of the same species (but still in first-winter plumage) was seen by many in late December.

The Red-throated Loon on the river at Willamette Park was also still being seen yesterday.

Finally Lars Norgren had this report on a good-sized gull flock along Oak Plain Drive, just west of Hwy 99E a couple miles north of Halsey:

I finished six hours of birding on Sunday on Oak Plain Drive half a mile west of 99E. I regret l was a bit worn out, the light was diminishing, clouds in the west forcing an early sunset. There were probably 800 gulls spread out over a bare field half a mile on a side. The north side of the road is a series of pre-LCDC ranchstyles on half acre lots. An un-nerving suburban vibe in the land of the Gyr. 

Glaucous-winged predominated, l saw one unequivocal Western close to the road before hundreds picked up and moved deeper into the growing mist. They were spread perfectly evenly over the crop free field. Some were clearly catching earth worms. One gull must have had a night crawler. It literally had a tug of war the way l've occasionally seen Robin's do. The frequency of Thayer's Gulls was high, probably 15% of the gulls closest to the road. Being evenly distributed that meant 100s were close to half a mile away in bad light. I wished l'd gotten here at noon, no then there would have been stronger backlight. I suspect this field will continue to draw a horde of gulls until the water level falls or the ground freezes.

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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