[midvalleybirds] 19 Red-throated Loons, Vancouver Lake, WA

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Sat Jan 18 18:50:20 PST 2020

Wow, that seems remarkable! Any precedent for that kind of numbers on that section of the Columbia R.? 

Any ideas on possible causes that might be pushing (or drawing) Red-throated Loons in such numbers? 

Wondering if this might provide some context for the lone bird that local listers have been twitching on both Linn & Benton Co. sides of the Willamette River off of Willamette Park in south Corvallis recently. Not unheard of but rare for the mid-Willamette Valley, especially for this late in winter when most migrants have found their way to coastal waters. 

There have been some recent storms but nothing exceptional compared with past winters. Any insights on "baitfish" abundance in near-coastal waters? 


Jim Johnson wrote: 

> There have been quite a few Red-throated Loons on the Columbia River lately 
> (up to Troutdale, at least), but it was kind of shocking to see 19 on 
> Vancouver Lake, Clark Co., Washington. There could have been more, but that 
> was my maximum count during a sweep of the lake as viewed from Vancouver 
> Lake Park. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvalllis 

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