[midvalleybirds] Consolation warbler at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area

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Wed Jan 8 15:49:50 PST 2020

Hi all, 

Today is the last day of "count week" for the Airlie-Albany CBC, so I made an effort to locate two species that haven't been found so far: Barred Owl and Swamp Sparrow. 

For Barred Owl I checked the spot southwest of the Canal Pond (north of headquarters) where my daughter Martha and a friend had one fly in and land in a tree close to them near sundown, just 7 hours before the start of count week last Wednesday evening (they even got some photos of the owl swiveling its head around to keep an eye on them). But I had no luck there, nor in a couple of conifer groves where Barred Owls have sometimes roosted in past year. 

In one of those groves south of HQ I did see a set of wings, talons, and a picked-over skeleton that might have belonged to a Barred Owl, dangling from a branch about 20 feet up. But it was too high for me to reach with the longest fallen branch I could find, and with showers moving in the light was too dim for me to be sure of the ID with binoculars. Will need to go back on a brighter day and camera, and/or with a long pole. 

I also checked about four wetland patches that have yielded Swamp Sparrows in past winters, but I came up with none. I did find at least three (possibly four) BLACK PHOEBES in the process. 

Also, while I was pishing up a mixed sparrow-junco flock with a few Yellow-rumped Warblers on the west side of the Canal Pond, suddenly a female TOWNSEND'S WARBLER popped up out of the reed canary-grass and low willows. I rarely see Townsend's Warblers on the wildlife area, so it's always fun to see one there. 

Happy post-CBC birdwatching, 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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