[midvalleybirds] Logsdon Ridge

Carma Sue Henry cshenry at bywordofmind.com
Sat Jan 4 13:03:53 PST 2020

Yesterday was a good bird day.  Very early AM a small hawk chased some of the llbs off the patio feeders, then hung out in the spruce nearby long enough for us to decide it was probably the Cooper's we've been seeing since last summer. He called, but we're not good at discerning vocals yet.  Past two days there have been scores of distant geese milling around above the Hyslop fields and adjacent grass seed fields.  A lovely Yellow-rumped Warbler visited the suet long enough for a really fun viewing. In the later afternoon - very warm - a pair of Red-breasted Sapsuckers were working low on the south side of the maple.  They are very tolerant of us.  We can sit within a few feet and they'll keep working their holes.  You do need to stay far enough away to avoid the frequent and very liquid elimination shots, though.   On a day-to-day basis... The Flickers are getting a little more accustomed to us, but still quite skittish.  I believe we now have at least three pairs of Downy W's with both light and greyish morphs.  Still just one pair of Hairy W's.  I keep trying for the elusive photo of both for a side-by-side comparison.  Haven't seen the Acorn W's at the feeders since about mid October, but we hear them occ.  Also missing are the Scrub Jays, but lots of Stellar's Jays.  Mixed flock of mostly European Collared Doves with a few Mourning D's.  Still have a small group of Goldfinches, mostly American, I think.  Dozens of Juncos mixed with a much smaller contingent of Sparrows (several Song, a few Golden-crowned, a couple of White-crowned, one White-throated) than our previous two years.  A few Spotted Towhees.  A few Anna's HBs.  Dozens of House Finches.  Word about the suet and sunflower seeds has gotten around among the Chickadees... many more Black-capped but still no absolutely certain Chestnut-backed (they are one of my favs and I do miss them).  Red-winged Blackbirds and Brewer's come in together, though less frequently since about mid-Dec.  A rare Robin, too many Starlings and some un-id'd Big hawkish birds.  Haven't been sitting out as often due to colds, so have missed getting any good ids of the GH owls, Kestrels and Merlin, but I would bet they're still around as there are a LOT of panicked starts going on.Happy window birding until the sniffles pass.Steve & Carma Henry

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