[midvalleybirds] Tangent Eagle roost

Mary Garrard springazure1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 16:33:46 PST 2020

Hi all, Bev Clark and I checked out the Tangent Bald Eagle roost for the first time this season last night (January 2). We arrived at 4:25 and counted 17 in the roost, with 26 by the time we left at 4:45. There were no Northern Harriers roosting in the nearby fields nor did Short-eared Owls show up at dusk. It’s been several years since the harriers and owls have appeared, probably due to changing crops. Sad.

Prior to monitoring the roost, we cruised the fields between Peoria Road and Highway 99 out as far as American Drive. There were remarkably few raptors except for a couple dozen American Kestrels, and we saw no pipits, horned larks, swans, and only a few gulls in flight. We noted that despite the recent rain the fields are pretty dry.

There were lots of sheep around, so soon there may be placentas and/or vulnerable lambs to feed the eagles. 


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