[midvalleybirds] If you're a birder...

Paul Sullivan paultsullivan at onlinenw.com
Thu Jan 2 17:14:50 PST 2020

If you're a birder and you don't keep lists, I have good friends just like
you.  Enjoy the birds.


If you were a birder and kept lists, but then you passed away, moved away,
or quit birding, we fondly remember you and the good times we shared.  Your
significant numbers are carried forward.


If you are a birder and keep lists, but haven't reported your tally for a
few years, we invite you to join us again.  Your numbers need an update.


If you are a birder and keep lists, I am now opening the Listing Result
report form at the Oregon Birding Association webpage for you to submit your
numbers as of Dec 31,. 2019.

The webpage will automatically send your submission to me.  

I will enter the data, and I will send everyone a proof sheet of their
numbers before the full results are published on the OBA website.


The window for submitting numbers runs through February.

Results get published in March.


Listing numbers should comply with the ABA Listing Rules.  

Note the thresholds for the various categories.


NOTE:  We have added a new category, 5MR, the Five-mile Radius circle that
has become popular.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Paul Sullivan




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