[midvalleybirds] Teloh-Calapooia Park Update

Thu Jan 2 09:50:42 PST 2020

Hi Folks,

Birds have continued their decline in both number of species and number of birds within a species out here in the Teloh- Calapooia Park (TCP) area. As such, I’ll be moving more towards an intermittent update with occasional notes when something amazing shows up.

For the year, conservation efforts on plant re-introduction into a fallow pasture now owned by the City of Albany, I got four new species along with the second year of seedlings of the Lathyrus holochlorus (Thin Leaved Pea Vine) into the ground this fall. I will soon be adding some native Crataegus suksdorfii (Black hawthorn) to the area; this replaces the present invasive European hawthorn I’ll be eradicating. Four more species are on deck for next fall long with additions of the LATHOL and others presently planted. The invasive grass is a real problem, which I hope to manage manually until next fall when (hopefully) the City can apply another coat of herbicide.

Birds are going away out here, a noticeable drop from last year in all species. When the weather got real bad I did get a bump, but not like the past. The Lessor Finches, normally seen this time of year are mostly gone, leaving a local group of American Gold Finches (~10) and a few House Finches that come by occasionally. Hawks are having a real problem getting food. Sparrows of all species are down in numbers. A few Downy’s and Flickers, certainly down in numbers. A few general notes:

  *   For the first time in years (2106) I had a male Hairy Woodpecker show up; possibly the same as in 2016 as it was not shy about me being around. It flew in a ways from the west and over a picnic area to get to my place. It showed up only twice in this period; very dangerous given the Hawks.
  *   Had a Red Winged Black bird and a lone juvenile Flicker at the yard feeder (11/29)
  *   Lone male Hooded Merganser was with a pair of Mallards in TCP.
  *   Kinglets, both the Golden and Ruby spotted in TCP. Also saw a Lincoln’s sparrow (11/23) and a 1st winter Chipping sparrow (11/27) in TCP.


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