[midvalleybirds] white-rumped sandpiper

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 19 16:39:06 PDT 2019

Ankeny was loaded this afternoon with migrants. The white-rumped was at Pintail Marsh visible from the parking area but at least 150 m out.  It was palling around with 3 least sandpipers, was very distinctively brighter than the leasts, had a bill almost identical to them, and was slightly larger.  The distance forbade me from confirming characters such as wing length, leg color, and back scaling.  But as I watched the group preen the rump was unmistakable.  I did not see the group fly out - as I was attempting to put another birder on the bird they disappeared. I looked for them for a couple hours afterward even going as far as Eagle Marsh to see if they had moved.

Peeps were very hard to find today and that single encounter was it. There were very cooperative lb dowitchers, a solitary sand, a single w pelican, many greater legs and a single lesser leg. The solitary sand was doing some great dancing for what reason I do not know.


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