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Apparently a few of those Swainson’s Thrushes didn’t get very far – I heard several “whit” calls coming from our little patch of woods at around 10 am this morning. 


We saw several disorganized V’s of Greater White-fronted Geese passing overhead at Klamath Marsh yesterday during a break in the monsoon rains. Their “laughing” calls set off our GWFG-alarm dog who barked wildly at them. I’m sure she was just trying to encourage them to keep moving south. OK, I know, that’s not our mid-valley, but it must be somebody’s mid-valleyJ




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Hi all,


It seems later than the normal southward migration of Swainson's Thrushes but last night, for the first time this fall, I heard a few soft "weep!" calls from birds flying southward in the night.


Also seemingly on the late side for southward migration of Greater White-fronted Geese (GWFG), yesterday Tom Love reported hearing a flock flying over southern Washington County. With better weather today, it might be a good day to listen for and spot flocks flying over the mid-valley region. 


Calls of GWFG flocks have a "laughing" quality compared with the honking of Canada Geese or the higher-pitched honks of Cackling Geese (which are also starting to move south over our area). GWFG also tend to fly in wider and often more disorganized/straggly V formations than the "white-cheeked" geese.


happy fall migration,




Joel Geier

Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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