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Sun Sep 15 16:23:21 PDT 2019

Harry & others who may be curious,

I've staked out that enormous chimney in Adair Village at dusk several times during migration. I've seen a few Vaux's Swifts check it out on fly-bys but I've never seen swifts go into it.

Vaux's Swifts do use the much more modest brick chimney of the AV Market during migration and also during the nesting season. My high count is on the order of a couple of dozen swifts.

About that huge chimney, I had long assumed that it belonged to the World War II era heating plant for the US Navy hospital in that part of the town (south of the army base). However a couple members of my family ran across a WW II veteran in the memorial park at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area on Friday (returning for a reunion event this weekend), and he said that was for a foundry.

There is another fairly substantial brick chimney on the east side of E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area (just south of Camp Adair Road, south of the ODFW maintenance shop which the same veteran said was the Quartermaster's building during WW II -- and from other sources, also part of a POW complex after the war). I staked that one out once during peak fall migration, but didn't see any swifts go into it.


Harry Fuller wrote:

> Do swifts use the tall, abandoned chimney just east of the ODFW office in Adair [Village]? 

Joel Geier
Greater Tampico, Oregon

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