[midvalleybirds] Vaux's Swift Saturday

Mary Garrard springazure1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 07:22:39 PDT 2019

Hi all, a small appreciative crowd observed 311 swifts enter the Tri-Delt sorority chimney on Saturday night past sunset. This was a smaller number than the previous night, so could represent a winding-down in migration or a variation where the birds used another site for the evening. The sites used by swifts in Corvallis seem (to me, although the swifts know exactly what they are doing) to be quite random, with this year having more than one location used each night. 

The VauxHappening <https://www.vauxhappening.org/index.html> website has a lot of information about swifts and swift migration, including some cool photos of the little birds inside chimneys and clinging to tree trunks, as well as loads of information about the research that has come from the project and years of tracking data. Check it out.

The VH website has a link for submitting your observations, if you are so inclined, under the “contact” link. It’s pretty simple with time points, total counts, etc. Counting involves going by 10s as the swifts start to enter the chimney. A clicker-counter helps keep track. If you are interested in submitting your observations contact me off-line and I can give you more pointers. 

If you want to see HUGE numbers, check out Agate Hall in Eugene (8144 last night) or Chapman School in Portland, which hasn’t reported last night yet but regularly has 5000 during migration. 

Happy fall birding, everyone!

Mary Garrard

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