[midvalleybirds] Vaux's Swift jackpot!

Mary Garrard springazure1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 21:31:46 PDT 2019

Hi all, acting on a tip from Mark Baldwin, I stationed myself tonight at the Trip-Delta Sorority on 26th and Harrison. Sure enough, about 150-200 of the little birds were swirling loosely near the chimney towards sunset (7:28 tonight). However, just as they were getting more organized, an accipiter flew by at 7:36 and they spooked, scattered, and were gone for about 10 minutes. Then a much larger group reappeared very high, and they must have told lots of their friends because 980 had dropped into the chimney by 7:55, later than usual. It was quite the show. 

I had a nice chat with the house mom and dad and student from a fraternity across the street. They have been watching the show for several weeks now and they said this is the first year the swifts have used that particular chimney. Apparently, an accipiter hangs out near the chimney and and they have seen it catching breakfast when the swifts exit in the morning. 

Clearly there are a number of active chimneys this year, more so than previous years, although there are very likely to be roosts I have not known about. Anyone who knows of a roost being used please let me know because I’m keeping a list for future reference.

Happy birding, everyone!


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