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Fri Sep 13 17:24:55 PDT 2019

Hi Michael (and anyone else experiencing this problem),

Thanks for bringing this up as I wasn't aware this was happening.

The problem most likely isn't on your end, but something that went haywire in parsing the digests. If you look at the end of this one, Mary's posting about Vaux's Swifts is cut off abruptly with the non-word "Itb". Her actual posting went on to say, "It was a lovely evening with a slight breeze ..."

This is likely the result of a glitch in the rather old software that assembles the digest, perhaps due to encountering some unexpected formatting in one of the postings (not necessarily Mary's, but perhaps one that came before or after it).

I'll look into this but I expect that there's no easy solution, short of a full upgrade of the listserv software. 

Meanwhile if you want to see postings that are missing from the digest, you can find them (and all past postings) in the archives at this link:


If you want to jump straight into the most recent postings for September, you can use this link:


Sorry that I don't have a better solution to offer at this moment.


On Fri, 2019-09-13 at 16:10 -0700, Michael Mix wrote: 
What do I need to do to see all messages? Usually, only 2-4 are shown. 
> Thank you, Michael Mix 
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> evening with a slight breeze and a few clouds to contrast against the pale 
> pink sky at sunset. Sunset tonight was at 7:30. Itb 
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