[midvalleybirds] Fwd: American Avocet, phalaropes & more at Sheridan sewage ponds 12 Sep

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Fri Sep 13 10:55:40 PDT 2019

From: "Paul Sullivan" <paultsullivan at onlinenw.com> 
Subject: [obol] American Avocet and more at Sheridan sewage ponds, 
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 15:41:04 -0700 

I visited (with permission) the Sheridan sewage ponds 11:30-2:00 today. 

I found 
2 Pied-billed grebe 
4 Greater White-fronted Geese 
10 Canada geese 
38 Mallards 
1 Pintail 
1 Am Wigeon 
1 Cinnamon Teal 
8 Lesser Scaup 
9Hooded Merganser female 
2Ruddy Ducks -- only two!! 
1 Red-tailed hawk 
210 Coots 
0 BLACK-NECKED STILT - it's finally gone. Present 7/26 - 8/26 
1 AMERICAN AVOCET -- swimming in west pond - A COUNTY FIRST! 
12 Killdeer 
3 Spotted Sandpiper 
25 Western Sandpiper 
2 California Gull 
1 Kingfisher 
1 Kestrel 
2 Violet-green Swallow 
12 Barn Swallow 
20 Starlings 
3 Scrub jay 
17 Brewers Blackbird -- way down 
2 Am Goldfinch 

Good birding, everyone, 

Paul Sullivan 

From: "Paul Sullivan" <paultsullivan at onlinenw.com> 
Subject: [obol] access to Sheridan sewage ponds 
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 16:19:20 -0700 

I was asked about access to the Sheridan sewage ponds. (save this) 

The Sheridan sewage pond complex is four ponds along the south side of Hwy 18. 
Exit 31 off the highway will take you to Sheridan on the north side and to the federal prison on the south side. 
See map on ECAS website: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/2c5973_d013df50f00643a39e4c0a14cce93172.pdf 

There are four points to view the Sheridan sewage ponds, three from the west side -- outside the fence of the ponds-- and one from the east side -- inside the fence. 

East side (weekdays): 

1. The ponds may be accessed with permission from the manager only on weekdays, Monday - Friday, 8:30-2:30 PM. Call Joe Mitchell at 503-437-0666 or Steve Clark at 503-437-0693. With the nager's OK you can drive in through the gate on the east side of the ponds, park by the little building, and walk all the dikes (NO vehicles on the dike). This is so that if the federal prison sees someone out there and they call the manager, he can say, "They're just birdwatchers." This access lets you see all four ponds to your heart's content. 

West side (weekends): 
1. From exit 31 off Hwy 18, go south past the cemetery and turn in at Southside Park before the prison. There is a fishing pond, picnic shelter, toilets, etc. Walk to the east end of the fishing pond. u are close to the largest pond. You can look with a scope. You are down at the lever of the ponds, there is a screen of willows between you and the ponds. You can't see all the ponds. 

2. Turn in at the cemetery, drive to the back, and park out of the way. You are on a hill; look down with a scope. You are farther away, but up higher. You can see all the ponds. Views are distant. You can see scoters, but peeps are just dots. 

3. Return to the on-ramp, eastbound, onto Hwy 18. Half way down the ramp is a triangle where you can park off the ramp. You are lower and closer than the cemetery. You can see the south shore of the big pond. You can't see the farthest pond. 

If you park along the highway, you have only a limited area before you are too low to see over the dike. 

Good birding, 
Paul Sullivan 

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