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Sun Sep 8 17:56:13 PDT 2019

Don et al,

Earlier last week, in the very early AM, while prepping the bird stations, I had two Cooper's Hawks fly overhead in close formation and no fighting. I've seen this on occasion and assumed it was either two mates dating, or adult/juvenile on patrol.


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Late afternoon, yesterday (9/7/19) two Peregrines flew westward and high, over our house in NE Corvallis. We encounter the species a couple times a year, passing by like this, but we hadn't seen two at one time our location. They were casually flying, not very fast. On few occasions when I've seen more than one Peregrine, they've acted aggressive toward each other. Yesterday's instance seemed relatively calm and banal.

Unrelated. We've have had an influx of American Goldfinches in the last week. Yesterday there could have been more than a hundred, if I counted our yard and the neighboring yard.

-Don Boucher

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