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Wow! That does seem really late for towhee fledglings to be begging! 

Birds of Oregon: A General Reference (Marshall, Hunter, and Contreras, 2003, OSU Press) lists 30 Jul as a late date for nests with young, and 8 Aug as a late date for fledglings. I recall Dave Budeau (former manager at E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area) once found a nest while mowing around the skeet range, which might have stretched that envelope by a week or so. 

Vesper Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows both seemed to have more nests later into the season than in other recent years, and it seems like there also a lot of still-spotty juvenile Western Bluebirds around for this stage of September. 


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Hi All- 

We have a new batch of young Spotted Towhees begging from their parents around the yard and being fed! Isn't it getting a bit late for this? Also, Song Sparrows have been singing here at home and other places for the last week or so, so nice to hear. 

Karan Fairchild 
6 mi SW Philomath, Benton County 

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