[midvalleybirds] A couple of interesting plumages, one FOS

Nancy Stotz nstotznew at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 13:04:55 PDT 2019

A few days ago, I encountered a Dark-eyed Junco whose white outer tail
feathers were starting to grow out. Somehow it had folded its tail in such
a way that the new white feathers looked like a stubby second tail
sprouting out above the longer dark central feathers. Photos here:

For the past couple of days we've also had an interesting Black-capped
Chickadee coming to our feeder. It seems to be ever so slightly leucistic,
with enough white feathers in the head and back to give it a very 'frosted'
look. Its visits to the feeder are so quick (what with that feisty gang of
Red-breasted Nuthatches chasing everybody away...) I've been having trouble
getting good photos in full sun, but I managed a few decent ones yesterday
when it was processing a seed in dappled light in a shrub. Posted here:

This morning, had my first Lincoln's Sparrow of the fall near Cabell Marsh
at Finley, right on schedule! Last year, I had my first one near Bruce Road
on August 31.

Nancy Stotz

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