[midvalleybirds] Black Phoebe at Truax Island, Linn County

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Hi Gary,

Black Phoebe is a species which has expanded rapidly northward into Oregon
and even Washington during the past decade, so the Audubon maps are
seriously outdated.  I have seen this species previously at Truax Island and
several other places nearby during the past few years.  Glad to see someone
besides me goes there and is reporting birds from there!  Thanks for posting
your observation.


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Today about noon I saw a Black Phoebe at Truax Island, which is a greenway
reserve adjacent to the Willamette River, off of Riverside Drive in Linn
County between Albany and Corvallis. Audubon says this is a little out of
their range, which on their map comes north only about as far as Southern
Oregon. Any other local sightings?


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