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I had a similar experience living on Merrie Drive in Corvallis between 2003 and 2011. Early on I enjoyed a leucistic B-c Chickadee I called Mini-Shrike since he/she had a white head with a dark, thickish black eye-stripe. I saw this bird for 2-3 winters, about the last winter I saw this bird, there was also another chickadee with less extensive facial leucisism. For a period of about 5-6 years in the winters there was at least one bird showing some leucisism on a diminishing scale. By the last several winters, I no longer had any leucistic chickadees.


> On Nov 25, 2019, at 5:30 PM, Carma Sue Henry <cshenry at bywordofmind.com> wrote:
> We lived for 30 years in a house in NE Seattle and had the good fortune of watching generations of birds.  We always had lots (several dozen) of Black-capped Chickadees and a few Chestnut-backed Cs.  About 20 years ago a Leucistic Black-capped Chickadee arrived.  He still had most of his black cap, but much of the rest of his body was white feathered with just a few scattered black and grey feathers. He must have been a very successful breeder.  Within a couple of years we had numerous leucistic's of varying degrees.  After about seven years we were back to almost all normal pattern birds.  In the last 10 years we lived there we didn't see any leucistic birds._______________________________________________
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