[midvalleybirds] A few Luckiamute/Adair area raptors

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Mon Nov 25 06:37:55 PST 2019

Yesterday afternoon on my way over to Luckiamute State Natural Area, I noticed a very light ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK perched in a line of tall bushes, just west of the Benton County gravel pile, at the intersection of Camp Adair Rd. and the Corvallis-Independence Hwy. The first thing that caught my eye was how the hawk was perched out on the end of thin branches, unlike Red-tailed Hawks which, being heavier birds, usually pick a more robust perch. 

At Luckiamute SNA, the main excitement was a MERLIN that gave chase to a similar-sized bird over the agricultural field. I never got a look at its target as I was focused on the Merlin. But from the distress calls it gave while evading the Merlin, I think the targeted bird may have been a WILSON'S SNIPE. Whatever it was dove into the nearby ponderosa pine plantings and stayed out of sight as the frustrated Merlin turned around and winged off rapidly toward the north. 

On my way back home, the Rough-legged Hawk was hover-hunting over the grass field east of Independence Hwy, due east of the county gravel pile. 

Other raptors around the neighborhood included Red-tailed Hawks, American Kestrels, and one Northern Harrier. 

Joel Geier 
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis 

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