[midvalleybirds] Logsdon Ridge

Carma Sue Henry cshenry at bywordofmind.com
Sun Nov 24 20:21:24 PST 2019

We're still waiting for the Golden-crowned and White-crowned sparrows to show up.  Where are they?  I've seen a couple of White-throated sparrows come in on their lonesome and several Song sparrows.  Also the population numbers for Stellar's vs Scrub Jays has reversed.  In summer we see many more Scrub Jays and now they are quite rare.  The Stellar's though, are coming in a dozen or more at a time.  In summer the Stellar's seem to come around in small (4-5 member) family groups, but they form clans of several families in winter - without much squabbling between individuals.A Cooper's hawk comes through at least once a day.  I think the concentration of birds at the feeders makes for easy pickings.  Sometimes a Redtail or Merlin will come by as well.  Haven't seen any Kestrels for several months.  I wonder if the larger raptors keep the smaller ones away.Carma Henry

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