[midvalleybirds] More Lewis's Woodpecker observations and stuff

Frank Kolwicz fhkolwicz1 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 23:23:22 PST 2019

The bird is still hanging around the nestbox on private property north 
of Baskett Slough and I've been watching it almost daily since I 
previously posted. It is very calm and doesn't raise a hair when I'm in 
my car 30 or 40 feet away.

It has extended it's territory to the other side of the pond where there 
is a snag that it uses to stash bugs, just like Acorn Woodpeckers do 
with seeds, and it defends that snag and the nestbox tree and vicinity 
against any Flickers that try to land there (I haven't seen any 
interactions with the local Acorn Woodpeckers). It also uses the nestbox 
during the day as shelter against weather and predators: when a 
Sharp-shinned Hawk was in the area, the Lewis's flew directly to the box 
and ducked inside until the coast was clear.

The other morning I was pleased to see a young Red-tailed Hawk bathing 
on the far side of the pond along with it's own audience of ducks! The 
dozen or so Hooded Mergansers and Mallards swam right over to the hawk 
to within about 20 to 50 feet and stayed there the whole time, that is, 
until it flew up onto a broken limb and was above them, preening.

Much fun,

in Monmouth

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