[midvalleybirds] Migrating Cranes in Linn County`

Jeff Harding jeffharding at centurytel.net
Wed Nov 20 16:46:55 PST 2019

Tom Gilg and I were doing the East Cascades Winter Raptor Survey, Route 5,
in the Crabtree/Scio area today. At about 1:00pm, when we got out of the car
at Bergen Hollow, we heard Sandhill Cranes! A flock of 23 were calling as
they circled over Roger's Mountain, gaining altitude in the updrafts there,
before continuing south toward Lacomb. Bergen Hollow is near Larwood Bridge,
east of Scio, Linn County.


The cranes were Tom's 200th species for Linn County this year!


On the raptor survey, we found 25 Red-Tailed Hawks, 41 American Kestrels, 5
Bald Eagles, 6 Northern Harriers, 1 Merlin, and 1 Barn Owl, traveling 67
miles in 6 hours and 14 minutes.


We also found a dipper, some Western Bluebirds, meadowlarks were singing,
and more on a beautiful fall day.


Good Birding,


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