[midvalleybirds] Naturalist Adventure, Willamette Park/Kendall Natural Area, Sunday, 11/17

Lisa Millbank millbank.lisa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 09:07:38 PST 2019

 Sunday, November 17, Willamette Park/Kendall Natural Area
9am - about 3 hours
Meet at the Crystal Lake Sports Fields & boat ramp parking area at the end
of SE Fischer Ln.

Willamette Park and Kendall Natural Area have a variety of habitats
including cottonwood forest, deciduous/conifer mixed forest, fields and the
river itself.  We'll see many of our winter bird species and may encounter
a Hutton’s Vireo in the grove of Ponderosa Pines. Along the river, we may
see Common Mergansers and Double-crested Cormorants. If time allows, we’ll
walk southward to the Taylor Water Treatment Plant, where we may find Black
Phoebes. There’s a rich diversity of lichens, including long strands of
Fishnet Lichen, draped over tree branches.

Please be prepared for possible rain and muddy trail conditions, and please
bring your binoculars.


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