[midvalleybirds] bird very like Black-throated Gray Warbler

Greg Metcalfe greg.a.metcalfe at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 11:46:50 PST 2019

Seen from less than 20 feet with binoculars, and bird was not in
shadow, but got only a brief glimpse of the head and a darkly-streaked
over white flank. Maybe 2-3 seconds. Black and white head pattern,
white above and below the eye. Black throat, yellow spot not seen, but
could well have been just missed. Male Black-throated Gray popped into
my head as soon as I laid eyes on, until I remembered that we are well
into November. Townsend's have been around all morning. I'm not
somehow mistaking the bird for one.

Unless Townsend's hybridize with them, the only reasonable conclusion
I can come to is that this really was a Black-throated Gray. Here's
Birds of North America:

"Very rare" in winter in Oregon; about 15 winter records from coast
and interior valleys of w. Oregon from 1972 to 1994 (Gilligan et al.

I'm not recording this anywhere "official" without a photo, but I'm
curious about whether anyone else has seen this, what I might be
mistaking it for, etc.

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