[midvalleybirds] Acorn Woodpecker emerging from nest hole

Nancy Stotz nstotznew at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 13:12:29 PST 2019

Along the Betty Griffiths Trail in NW Corvallis this morning, I noticed a
male Acorn Woodpecker sticking its head out of the same hole they nested in
this spring. A couple minutes later, it flew out to a tree overhead and
then continued on its way up the hill. I hung around 10 more minutes and
did not see it return. According to the Birds of North America online
account, Acorn Woodpeckers will sometimes use old nesting and roosting
holes to store acorns (particularly if the crop is heavy enough that they
use up all their specially drilled individual-acorn-sized holes). As Joel
noted in a recent email, the acorn crop seems abundant this year, however,
the bird didn't appear to have anything in its beak (photo included in
eBird checklist here:
https://ebird.org/checklist/S61305711 ). Acorn Woodpeckers will also reuse
nest holes for nesting year after year.
At this point, I can't say if this was one checking on an acorn stash, or
one tending an active nest, or maybe just a lazy roosting bird who slept in
this morning! Perhaps I'll see more activity there and be able to come up
with a more definitive observation.

Nancy Stotz

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