[midvalleybirds] Marys Peak plus

howard bruner hbrunerh at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 18:50:15 PST 2019

Today the sacred height was awash in autumn sun. One of those magic times that you find the peak all yours - no humans, wind, negative thoughts - a perfect sojourn except for the bird-free conditions. It took some minutes of squeaking at the grass meadows, that I just knew birds were watching from, before a single pipit shot straight up with loud protestation and then fluttered down onto one of the log chunks.

There were 2 rufous-style female mountain bluebirds hanging around the parking lot for a short look. When they headed off toward the SW, I searched down to the open meadow (to the right as one is dropping off the peak lot) but they were not to be re-found. The look gave me one of the birds with a thin white line above the bill, no warm colors at the gape of the black bill, a gradation of the light rufous vest into the chin, white belly, and the cerulean blue of the flight feathers.

A good year for mountain quail - one on the road at the shooting range and at least one on Finley a couple of days ago at the turtle flat restrooms .


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