[midvalleybirds] Fwd: Rough-legged Hawks north of Baskett Slough NWR

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Sun Nov 3 08:08:28 PST 2019

From: Harry Fuller < atowhee at gmail.com > 
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2019 16:37:19 -0700 
Subject: [obol] south Yamhill and Baskett Slough--Roughies, Black Phoebe 

Roughies in both Yamhill and Polk Counties, the latter just south of Bethel 
Road intersection on Hwy 99. ONe or morfe along Perrydale Road west of 99. 
Black Phoebe at Ash Swale Bridge on Patty Lane east of 99, where the road 
now ends from that entrance. 
Not much at Baskett itself: 

Harry Fuller 

Joel Geier 
Temporarily in Baden, die Schweiz 

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