[midvalleybirds] latex vs nitrile gloves when applying herbicide

Susan hatlevis at comcast.net
Fri Nov 1 10:10:24 PDT 2019

As a chemist I know that many materials can be absorbed through the 
skin.  Latex is essentially banned everywhere due to the anaphylactic 
shock that may ensue!  There are several thicknesses of nitrile gloves; 
I use these in the lab. But, don't be afraid to change them out if you 
need to.  So take a few pair along.  A reminder:  please protect your 
eyes as well.  They will absorb fumes too. You can pick up safety 
glasses and most likely gloves at paint stores or hardware stores.  My 
local pharmacy, Rices, also carries nitrile gloves. My husband has also 
used a small paintbrush to apply herbicides in our yard.  Again, read 
the label and follow it!! Be sure you have the correct herbicide for the 
application. Susie in Corvallis

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