[midvalleybirds] Canvasbacks - Baskett Slough

Jon B Hazen salemoregon2468 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 14:55:18 PDT 2019

3 Canvasbacks on the pond at the corner of Smithfield Rd and the turn into Van Duzer Winery. They were hugging the west bank out of sight. First one emerged, and a minute later the other 2 came out of hiding. Then a couple of Mallards & Ringneck Ducks also showing themselves.  9:30 this morning (Tuesday).

There appeared to be several Trumpeter Swans way out in marsh. I put a scope on them, did not pick up any yellow eye marks, and the slope of the beaks looked right. Trouble is, they were a long way off and I've never seen or heard of them spotted there so I am questioning my ID. Any sightings at Baskett Slough? Ever? Anyone?

Jon Hazen
NE Salem

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