[midvalleybirds] Peoria/Shedd area Lapland Longspur, Clay-colored Sparrow

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Tue Mar 12 06:56:28 PDT 2019

From: Roy Gerig <roygerig at gmail.com> 
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 15:38:49 -0700 
Subject: [obol] Linn Co Lapland Longspur and Clay-colored Sparrow no Snow Bunti 

Marty Cunningham and I looked for the Snow Bunting along Blueberry Lane in 
the prairie portion of Linn County, near Peoria and Shedd. We saw Thomas 
Gilg looking for the Bunting and he kindly pointed out the exact location 
for the Clay-colored Sp he found yesterday, which is nearby along Potter 
Rd. We found it without much trouble next to the RR tracks, clearly CCSP 
and not Chipping or Brewer's.

Just minutes earlier and a little north we had birded Davis Rd, a one mile 
N-S gravel road where we saw about 14-16 HORNED LARKS, north of the Dorothy 
and Toto house as Lars [Norgren] has artfully named it, With those HOLAS was a 
cooperative LAPLAND LONGSPUR. I haven't seen one of those in a year or more 

After re-finding the CLAY-COLORED we retraced our route back along 
Blueberry Lane and Thomas was still there looking/waiting for the SNBU to 
show. It did not show while we were there, but we all looked at something 
a couple hundred yards east of Blueberry that looked suspiciously like a 
pile of SNBU feathers, white and gray. It was tempting to trespass and 
look closer, but none of the three of us is like that so we did not 

This morning, while colder than normal for the date, was the most 
springlike I have seen this year 

I will post eBird checklists in a while for Davis Rd and the RR tracks 

Roy Gerig Salem OR

Joel Geier
Camp Adair area north of Corvallis

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