[midvalleybirds] 4 Says Phoebes and a Barn Swallow at Foster Reservoir, Linn County

Jeff Harding jeffharding at centurytel.net
Fri Mar 8 17:05:10 PST 2019

Tom Gilg and I found four Says Phoebes and a Barn Swallow on the lakeside
face of the dam holding back Foster Lake in Linn County this morning. There
were gobs of swallows cruising around the lake, all Violet-green and Tree.
We went to check on a possible eastern warbler reported by a birder living
near the dam, but they had already gotten a better look and determined that
they had a Myrtle Warbler before. And there were a number of Audubon's and
Myrtle Warblers about their yard.


At my feeders near Crabtree, Linn County, I started seeing yellow-rumps a
few days ago. The first one was a Myrtle Warbler, then there was a Myrtle
and an Audubon's, then three Audubon's, and a different Myrtle. Until now my
feeders have hardly ever attracted warblers.




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