[midvalleybirds] Bluebirds in the neighborhood

Louise B louise205 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 13:12:35 PST 2019

For about a week we’ve had a group of 3 female and one male bluebird coming
to the mealworms and Bug Bite suet in our fenced backyard near the
Timberhill Office Park,  in addition to the regular juncos, chickadees
(Black-capped and Chestnut-backed), Fox sparrow, Song Sparrow , Lincoln’s
Sparrow,  RB Nuthatches, jays Towhees, Audubon’s YR Warbler, etc
  But this morning the single male bluebird was joined by another. For the
morning the two seemed to be non-competitive at the feeders.  It will be
interesting to see how this all works out - whether both males will hang
with the females for a while or whether one male decides the entire harem
is his.
Louise Barden
NW Corvallis
Louise B

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